EUROGUM d.o.o.


is one of the few companies in Europe specializing in the production of rubber rings made of raw rubber used in the textile industry in the manufacture of underwear and other textile products as well as knitted and woven elastic and lace..

  • 50 year experience
  • High quality
  • In Croatia since 1990.
  • Delivery to whole Europe

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EUROGUM d.o.o.


Specialized manufacture rings and strips of raw rubber is based on the processing of natural Latex rubber trees native to Malaysia and Thailand.


Manufacturing Trimmings based on knitted elastic, woven elastic, lace, gumilastici, Rings of gumilastike, ribbons and laces.


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Patience is like a rubber band.
It can only strech as far as it could.
When it reached to the last strech,

that is the end of it and no more.

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