Production is divided into two main segments:

First Crude rubber rings and bands

Specialized manufacture rings and strips of raw rubber is based on the processing of natural
Latex rubber trees native to Malaysia and Thailand. The annual processing of 120 tons and
high quality raw materials. In the production of applied modern technology and strives to be permanent
Monitoring the European criteria and standards. For foreign markets is sold 90% of production most
partly in Germany, Spain, France and Luxembourg and then to neighboring countries, Serbia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.


Second Production elastica woven, knitted elastica, lace, ribbons and laces

Manufacturing Trimmings based on knitted elastic, woven elastic, lace, gumilastici,
Rings of gumilastike, ribbons and laces. Products are used in the textile industry of ornamental
and standard underwear, and modern high technology machines to produce lace
Computerized machines of high quality, then the elastic and non elastic tapes and lace.